General Definitions

The Betting Company is an online platform (Betmatch, where users may place cryptocurrency bets on sporting events. The website is maintained by RevelDevelopment OU Limited, registered at the following address in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tuukri tn 19-tuba 315, 10152;

The Affiliate Program is a program provided by the Betmatch Betting Company aimed at attracting new visitors to the website by means of advertising;

An Affiliate is a webmaster (traffic arbitrage operator) that follows the terms of the Affiliate Program stipulated on the website and promotes the Betmatch Betting Company by attracting new users;

Players are clients of the Betting Company who have registered on the website using an Affiliate’s referral link;

Earnings are funds received by an Affiliate as commission for the Players that the Affiliate has attracted to the website;

A Payout is the procedure of crediting an Affiliate’s Earnings from the internal accounts of the Affiliate Program to external payment systems;

A Reporting (hold) Period is a certain length of time, during which the funds received by the Affiliate will become available for withdrawal to external payment systems;

The Ticket System is a feedback and request processing system for the webmasters’ queries.

The Advertising Materials are a set of tools designed to promote the products of the Betmatch Betting Company online. The administration of the website shall not be responsible for the manner or the place of distribution chosen by the Affiliate.

Affiliate Agreement

1. By registering with the Affiliate Program, the Affiliate hereby confirms that he/she has read and agrees to all Affiliate Agreement provisions stipulated below, as well as the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy available on the website.

2. The terms of the Affiliate Program are subject to amendments, with the Affiliate being notified of any such amendments via email and/or the Ticket System.

3. Only persons over the age of 18 are allowed to participate in and follow the provisions of the Affiliate Program.

4. Registration in the Affiliate Program is carried out by filling out the requested information on the web page located at, as well as creating a personal account, where statistics reports regarding the activity of a specific Affiliate as a part of the Affiliate Program will be available.

5. The Affiliate shall be responsible for the safety of all personal data, including but not limited to the Affiliate’s username and password. The Betmatch Company shall not responsible for any loss of personal data.

6. The Betmatch Company may, without providing a reason, refuse to enter into an affiliateship with a specific Affiliate.

7. The Betmatch Company may amend the terms of this agreement in any way or manner. The terms specified on the Affiliate program website at any specific time are considered to be the current Terms at that time. It is not possible to track the history of the amendments made to the Terms. If any amendments are made to the Terms of the Affiliate program, Affiliates will be notified via the email specified at registration or via the Ticket System.

8. The Betmatch Company offers a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license for accessing the website and data stored on it for advertising purposes, including for the creation of new promotional material as a part of the Affiliate program.

All data stored on the website (including but not limited to text, photographic images, video materials, drawings, website design, as well as their choice, placement, and arrangement), as well as any and all Betmatch logos (proprietary marks and registered trademarks) are the intellectual property of Betmatch and are protected in accordance with the applicable intellectual property laws and regulations.

Affiliates shall be prohibited from distributing, claiming property rights, issuing licenses, deconstructing, decompiling, and modifying any such content, as well as including it in other work or websites and/or using it or its functional capabilities in any other manner without the prior consent of the Betmatch Company.

9. When using promotional materials, the Affiliate shall strictly follow all applicable norms and regulations of legislation in force, as well as the various requirements of regulatory authorities and any and all ethical norms. The Affiliate shall also use only those promotional materials that contain references to the Betmatch brand that have been prior verified and approved by the Betmatch Company. When creating his/her own promotional materials, the Affiliate is required to provide them to Betmatch for moderation and approval. Any breach of this article of the Terms will lead to sanctions being taken against the Affiliate, resulting in the cancellation of the affiliateship and/or fines. The Affiliate may contact his/her personal manager for consultation purposes and resolution of issues.

When registering, the Affiliate must provide comprehensive and complete information about the sources of traffic that he/she is planning to use while being an Affiliate of the Betmatch Company. The Affiliate will be held liable for withholding information about the sources of his/her traffic. Compliance with the rules on the Affiliate’s source of traffic is monitored by the corresponding manager. If any queries arise, the Affiliate should contact his/her personal manager.

10. Prohibited methods of advertising and attracting traffic:

Placement and distribution of promotional materials on behalf of the Betmatch administration shall be prohibited. All company promotional materials are distributed from official email addresses specified on the website. The following advertising methods shall be prohibited by the Betmatch Betting Company: mail spam, click-under, pop-under, active advertising websites (additional restrictions apply when working with active advertising payout models). Misleading the Players shall also be prohibited. Should the Company become aware of any actions described above, the Affiliate’s account will be closed, all received funds will be annulled, and all commission payouts will be withheld.

12. Cookie stuffing by the Affiliate is also prohibited:

- using iframes to open the Betmatch website in iframe with a null size, and/or in non-visible areas;

- using tags, cookie scripts, and other similar methods.

If this article of the Terms is violated by the Affiliate, the Affiliate’s account will be blocked. Commission payouts will not be carried out.

13. All persons are allowed to participate in the Affiliate Program only once, multiple registrations shall be prohibited. Violation of this provision will lead to the blocking of all accounts. Commission payouts will not be carried out.

14. The Affiliate shall be prohibited from registering his or her own Player account with the Betting company using his or her own referral link, as well as colluding with other Players. The discovery of any such actions will lead to the Affiliate’s account being blocked. Commission payouts will not be carried out.

15. As a part of the Affiliate program, the Affiliate shall be prohibited from promoting violence against, threatening, or harassing other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease. Should the Company become aware of any actions described above, the Affiliate’s account will be closed, all received funds will be annulled, and all commission payouts will not be carried out.

Commission for Player Activity

The Affiliate’s Earnings are not fixed. The Earnings depend on the income of the Betting Company obtained from Players that have registered with the Company using the Affiliate’s referral link. Commission, bonuses, and the total turnover of the referred Player do not affect the Earnings of the Affiliate, which consist of 60% of the total earnings of the Betting Company on the Affiliate’s referred Players.

Commissions are structured as follows:

More than 50 new players with deposits per month = 70%;

101-150 new accounts with deposits per month = 75%;

More than 151 new accounts with deposits per month = 80%;

Commission size may be subject to change, of which the Affiliates will be notified via email or the Ticket System.

Commission Payout

Reporting periods and Payouts occur twice per month (on the 1st and on the 16th day of the month). If the “Hold” balance is positive, the Affiliate’s Earnings are automatically credited to his/her “Balance” account. If there Affiliate’s balance is less than 20 USD, the funds will not be paid out and will be transferred to the next period, until the required sum has been accumulated. Any negative Hold balance is also transferred to the next period.

Betmatch reserves the right to withhold payouts to its Affiliates for up to 1 month in case of unforeseen technical difficulties related to the Affiliate Program, as well as in cases where additional checks of the Affiliate and his/her sources of traffic are required. Commission Payouts will only be carried out if three or more of the Affiliate’s referred Players make a deposit and are active on the website.

Creating a Payout Request

Provide your payment details on your Affiliate Program account page. Payouts from the balance will be carried out automatically within 7 working days.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

The Betmatch Affiliate Program participants have the right to appeal any situation that has arisen, because the Affiliate Program will review any and all disputes if provided with the appropriate factual information. Any and all such information should be provided via the Ticket System. Complaints and suggestions will be reviewed within 14 days of the receipt of the appropriate ticket, and the Affiliate will be notified about the results of the review in a response ticket. Affiliates are prohibited from using profanities, offensive language, and/or false information in their tickets.


Any information regarding the business activity of the Betmatch Betting Company, such as the number of registered Players and/or the size of their deposits, as well as any other similar information made available as part of the Affiliate Program is confidential and shall not be made public without written consent of the Company.


The Betmatch Betting Company does not guarantee that the websites located at and, the software, servers, and local networks used by Betmatch are free from errors and/or harmful software. The Betmatch company shall not be responsible for any loss of the Affiliate’s data or hardware occurring as a result of the Affiliate using the above mentioned websites.

The Betmatch Betting Company shall not be responsible for any possible interruptions or breaks in the functionality of the above mentioned websites, as well as for any data losses occurring due to such interruptions or breaks. The Betmatch Company shall not be responsible for any damages to the Affiliate and his/her hardware or software caused by the use of the above mentioned websites during his/her participation in the Affiliate Program.

The Betmatch Betting Company shall not be responsible for any possible damages incurred by the Affiliate, including but not limited to data loss, information loss, and account deletion as a result of the termination of the Affiliate Program.

The Betmatch company will not, under any circumstances, be liable for any damages incurred by the Affiliate, including but not limited to loss of profit, harm to the Affiliate’s life, health, honor, dignity, and/or business image as a result of participating in the Affiliate Program.